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No, we have eliminated the need for an expensive kiosk. Our platform can be used on any internet-based device or wifi enabled tablet. This drastically reduces initial costs a facility will incur and simplifies the setup process.

We have integrated with the WAND Blue thermometer from ThermoWorks. This thermometer is Bluetooth enabled, non-contact and FDA approved. You can find their product located here

Definitely not! We are so sure of our service; we do not require a contract of any kind. When a customer signs up, they are given a free trial period to test the service and get their facility set up. Once the trial is completed, your credit card is simply billed once a month. If you need to cancel for any reason, simply send us an email with your name, facility name and your request to cancel your service.

When an entrant fails a screening there are two types of alerts that can be sent out, one is by email and the other is by text, or both. Multiple people can be on the account to receive alerts and those people can be added and removed at any time. The Hardware Integrated platform is required for the text message feature.

When someone has been added to the facility's account, they simply go to SimpliScreen.com, click on the login button, type in their email address for the username and then click the "reset password" button. The system sees that they have been granted access by the account owner and will automatically send them an email with their newly established password to login.

  • Bank level encryption (both in transit and in storage)
  • Role-based user access
  • Server-side authentication (Multi-factor authentication is enforced on every login)
  • HIPAA Compliant

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