Eduro Healthcare

Eduro HealthCare

  • NTA Hunter is Transformative

    NTA Hunter has been transformative at Eduro. It has led to improved care, a 10x ROl against fees in revenue improvement, and more efficient use of our team's time . It's a big step forward in the tools available in the market for MDS coordinators and resources, and demonstrates how technological innovation can deliver on real, tangible benefits.

  • The Results Speak for Themselves

    The results speak for themselves. NTA Hunter changed the game on how we prepare for Med A skilled patients. Our care teams are better prepared, and our Medicare PPD is
    both higher and better documented than ever.

    Implementation was fast, and I love that my team can focus on what truly matters - delivering exceptional care to our patients.

Three Steps

Three Steps

  • Upload Patient Documents

    Easily create patients, upload admission packets, and be notified when they're ready for your review a few minutes later.

  • Review NTA Prompts

    NTA Hunter highlights thousands of CPT, ICD-10, code descriptions, and keyword NTA matches for your review (even if the PDFs are scanned images).

  • Download NTA Report

    After review is complete, your NTA report is audit-ready, with sentence structure context, document names, and page numbers referenced, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does implementation take?

Most customers are fully set up and ready to go within 24 hours of signing their BAA.

How long does it take to scan documents?

While it depends on the PDF, the range is between 3 and 7 minutes.

Can I find more than NTAs while reviewing documents?

Absolutely! While the in-app scoring is NTA driven, our custom categories feature allows users to identify any other criteria in uploaded documentation.

I'm hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence, does NTA Hunter use "AI"?

Not even a little. Not yet anyway. Early on, we heard concerns about the tradeoffs in staff exercising critical thought during the admission process, and the risks of an AI data-model getting NTAs wrong, from multiple executives and mid-level leaders in the post-acute care clinical reimbursement space.

We're well aware of the onset of newly available-to-the-public technologies like large-language models, and we are working closely with our customer partners to "get this right." Stay tuned, very good things are coming soon.

Is NTA Hunter secure for my patients' PHI?

SimpliScreen takes cyber security very seriously. Every software product we've released was built from the ground up to be secure. All data shared with SimpliScreen is encrypted in transit and at rest. Data protection controls are in place to safeguard sensitive information, and limit its access to only appropriately authorized individuals.